Blood Moon, Rayleigh Scattering and Mornings

Eight times this century we will have 4 lunar eclipses in a span of two years. Tomorrow night is one of them so get ready.  And why does the moon appear red?  Rayleigh Scattering. Aha! I looked it up. It is the same thing that causes red sunsets.  Actually it is a lot more technical and frankly way past my pay grade.

This is a perfect morning by the way.  Warm southerly wind; a bit overcast. Pleasant. I wonder what the ancients thought.  A normal day and bam!, a blood moon. For some it disappears completely which must have scared them to death and for others - well the Rayleigh effect.  Next day all is normal.

Actually our lives are full of blood moons; events coming out of nowhere that seem cataclysmic and when they recede, life goes back to a normal or what seems normal and then, sometime later, bam! again, it repeats.

Some think that this moons stuff is a warning that the end of the world is near and the rapture is forthcoming.  The Blood Moon Prophecy.  I'll leave that up to you but we have a bunch of these seemingly random events and it hasn't happened yet. Call me Pollyanna.

I'll wait up tomorrow night and report back the event to you if I am still alive.