Concerto per la mano sinistra

Oh boy!  One of my favorite works performed by someone who can play.  I mean really play.

When I was a sophomore in high school, one of my music teachers hired me to put tile down in his kitchen and adjoining room.  I was to get the tidy sum of $100.  I knew geometry pretty well and could put down those crucial starting squares so it went fairly quickly.

He had a great stereo system and put on a stack of records - about 1 hours worth of music ending with this concerto.  It would give me some idea of time.

I didn't know it very well to start with but when I finished, every measure was in my head.  It still is.  My left hand is pretty much a goner due to ALS and I can only dream of playing this..just a few measures.  I'm not jealous over Juja Wang being able to manage it with so much ease as her talent comes along almost never in a century. There is nothing she can do that I was every able to do so that's that but when I see hands so dexterous that they seem like extensions of her brain...well....I can dream a bit.....and I can listen and watch to my mind's content.