A Yutz in Poland

President Clueless

I got up early this morning to watch our President foul up the European summit visit and by golly he got right to it.  Let me summarize the snipet that got me crazy - so crazy that I had to get coffee.  This Demosthenes of a yutz tried mightily to read sentence off some sort of crazy prepared text and simply failed.  This was my favorite bit of tortured logic:

Russian could have had something to do with hacking our elections BUT it could have been anyone, any country...blah blah


Obama knew it was Russia and he did nothing about it and he is the cause of it.

I am about to give up.  This yutz lies all the time. Anything with Obama's name on it is like poison fruit and has to be tossed away no matter how much good it does. He then wanders overseas and nothing but stupidity comes out of his mouth.

Spare us oh Lord.