The fishin' hole

We wandered downtown yesterday and were greeted by dense fog that, in a miracle of physics and sunlight, evaporated before our eyes - literally in minutes if not seconds.

Back in the 1950s there was a television show that had, as part of the opening sequence, a scene along the docks in San Francisco - famous for its fog. Of course the TV was black and white so all things were basically shades of grey but the image is pretty vivid still, half a century plus later.  The show was after Paladin and Gunsmoke and Broderick Crawford in Highway Patrol....stuck in there somewhere.

When down at the docks yesterday with the sun finally burning off the fog, a man and his son were standing, fishing poles in hand ready to get into that little boat and venture out a bit in search of whatever is passing through the bay at this time of year. They had to wait until they could see for reasons of safety alone but all of us, at one time or another, have been out in the clear and had the fog descend or rise - whatever the case - and cut us off from our surroundings.  The father did a great job of explaining fog but to an eight year old, the science was lost in the misery of not being able to fish at that very moment (put off to that undefined word "later") as he was sure they were there and lunkers to hook.

Looking for a point here when there is none of course just drops us back to the obvious. Things fog up and then they clear and if you have something to do or want to do you can't fight nature - just wait it out. Just wait it out. Things often clear up on their own.