The Art of the Deal

Faust is shown the vision of
Margaurite by the devil

(Méphistophélès takes out a contract)

Meph. Yes. Come now. Sign!
 What’s this? Your hand trembles?
 Youth awaits you;
 if you only dare to behold!

(A vision of a beautiful girl appears)
Very well, then.

 How does it seem to you?

Faust I will sign!

Meph. As you wish!
 And now, master.
 ‘Tis I who invite you to drink
from this cup, which bubbles no
longer with poison and death; but
with life.
Faust To you, charming and adored
(Faust drains the cup)

Meph. Come! \

Faust I will see her?

Meph. Indeed.
Faust When?

Meph. Today. Let’s be off.

Both To me (you) youthful pleasure,
 a maiden’s caress and desires.
To me (you) the glowing strength
of youth, the foolish orgies of the
 To me (you) ardent youth! Its intoxication and pleasures!