1960 Washington Intermediate Music

Right about now the first class graduated from Washington Intermediate School on McKinley Avenue.  If anyone remembers, And there are about a dozen musicians that I still am in contact with to this day stretching from Israel to Los Angeles, who remember the music teachers, Nate Rosenbluth and Douglas Campbell.

Just prior to the last day of school, a bunch of us rode all over our area collecting money as we were going to give Mr. Campbell a thank you gift his dream that he couldn't afford on a teacher's salary: an
FM Tuner for his stereo.  We went down to The Music Center and asked Mr. Herter (Phil) for one and he told us it was $67 and we had raised $60. It was our first experience in bargaining and he ponied up the other $7 so we could give it to Mr. Campbell the next day.

I remember this vividly as I was packing up some books yesterday and came across a dictionary that he gave me for 8th grade graduation and had signed it.

Campbell went on to Garber HS to teach and then down to Bloomfield Hills area until his death about 30 years ago. In that band at Washington, some 40 players strong, came at least 8 professional musicians and perhaps as many who played their entire adult life.

I'm just interested in how many are out there who went to Washington Intermediate and on to Central HS. I'm posting this on the Memories of Bay City and casting it out to my Facebook friends to see how many remember those wonderful days.