On the hour

I noted this pictured some years back as I am fascinated by time; or lack thereof.  Fascinated to the extent that I tend to see a sundial just about everywhere.

I talked about this the other day to someone I barely know, as I was feeling a bit pressed for time and, simultaneously, was in the world's slowest grocery store checkout line and the person in front of me insisted on recounting his life's history to the cashier.

There comes a time (don't smirk at the pun) when you really do get a look at the hourglass and want to stop it up and count the sand in the upper chamber.

There is or was a wonderful short story of two star-crossed lovers wishing to spend an eternity together.  Instead of turning the hour(sand) glass over "on the hour", they were not so prompt and found, magically that they could extend the day....the hourglass controls time on earth;  an early form of living by the clock.

One can wish.