Live a Little

With the 5th of May coming up and knowing now more Hispanics than ever in my life, well, on a cold day, with not much sun and a little gloom in the atmosphere (Mr. Trump?) and hopefully not radioactive fallout,  it is time to change the tempo.

We are full up on the various food channels with Mexican food spilling out of the screen.  I personally like it better than any other cuisine.  Years ago I ate at Frontera Grill in Chicago, Rick Bayless's restaurant.  It was one of the most enjoyable meal of my life. Equally tasty but far more pedestrian are tacos at home, fire (tonight anyway) in the fireplace and perhaps a
dose of fog rolling in at sunset.  One can hope.

I like the music as much as the food.  The rhythms, colors, complexity...well it just is grand.  You might like this one.  It is an Haupango (read the short Wiki article here). 

Go fix a Watermelon Agua Fresca, rustle up a couple fish tacos and tap your toes.