Kismet redux

I listen all day to WKAR ( the set of classical and informational radio stations from Michigan State University (one of my Alma maters and home of a lot of my friends).  They just played this piece and I found it on YouTube where everything resides.  I ran into first while in high school with our orchestra and then several times during productions of "Kismet", the musical.

There was a 19th century philosopher - French - and his name escapes me.  Anyway, his theory was that there were particles suspended in the vapor of air and at key moments you would inhale these "particles" and they gave you either short or long term inspiration, or both.  In fact you were determined by your proximity to good and bad particles.  If you got a bad set you could be a bank robber...good you could be the new Einstein.

Kismet is like that. Kinda.

Kismet isn't just fate to the extreme but something more. What appears to be by chance are not;  they are  just meant to be. It far something beyond an accidental meeting - more like a big chess game and it is your turn to move the move that is in works far before you think of it - I can be more definite but I'm sure you get the idea...

I like Kismet - the idea of it - the idea that life is random to the person but guided by a mysterious set of particles in the ether and a giant hand of guided fate is pulling some of the strings...Listen to both.....its your fate.