History (or His Story - pun is coincidental)

History:  Middle English histoire, historie, from Anglo-French estoire, histoire, from Latin historia, from Greek, inquiry, history, from histōr, istōr knowing, learned.

So.  I've been urged to  put down my life in a journal.  NO!  Not urged by professional writers (I wish) but so that my 4 grand kids will have some knowledge of me when I am gone...an event that is on the horizon.  Thinking this through, most "journals" are full of chapters and paragraphs that begin with "I remember..." and frankly that doesn't do anyone any good as what comes out is clearly a proactive and self-serving recollection.   NO; not doing that.  I want to show my grand kids some of my life as "others saw it with me in it"...get it?

In my 70 years I've run into all kinds of folks, made friendships, enjoyed experiences, or, in the most frequent situation, struck up a conversation with someone on a plane or train and made a friend.
What I am looking for is anyone out there to share with me a conversation, comment, situation etc. that involved "he/her and me" and to start little stories from that perspective.  That way my grand kids see something other than the incessant "me me me" of journals.

I've set up an email account at hdhouse416@yahoo.com and look to hear from you.  Many of my friends have been reconnected through social media and that is particularly rich to my purpose.  175,000 people have read my blog in the last couple years and my profile has had close to a million views so I'm clearly "out there".

Help me out please.