Duck and Cover - Eggs Unhatched

Trilby or The Demon of the Heath
There are fowl and "fouls" afoot.  Chickens dancing in their shells.  Mr. Trump is afoot and a-loon, persecuted, soon to be prosecuted and joined in a foul/fowl nest of very bad eggs (had enough?).

The ballet somewhat centers around on central canary chick (coincidence? I think not).  The music is from Moussorsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition".  Seems this fellow Hartmann, a Russian artist and set designer for opera and ballet, had an "exhibition" of his work (a showing) and one of his paintings was "Trilby or the Ballet of the Unhatched Chickens (at first titled Trilby or the Elf of the Argyle .... not kidding).  Here is the work:

The thought of this piece, with children running around like little birds with no purpose, with no communication skills, and led by a leader still in her shell.....welllll  one just has to a take note.