Adventures in a Perambulator

I was listening to some music from a suite by the American composer, John Alden Carpenter.  I was pretty sure that a perambulator was a "pram" or baby carriage and to tell the truth, I had never really studied the piece and doubt that I have heard it all but for 2-3 occasions in 70 years of listening.
The piece was written in 1914, about the time these small, well contained "suites" or individual movements of music on a related theme (planets, seasons, months for example); in this case a "baby's adventures while riding about in the carriage:
The policeman
The hurdy-gurdy
The lake

Of all the little movements, I like "the lake" the best.  "Adventure No. 4 occurs at "The Lake"; it is the most French and harmonically lush of the six movements, "I feel the quiver of the little waves as they escape from the big ones and come rushing up over the sand," Carpenter's baby says. "Their fear is pretended...Waves and Sunbeams!...This is My Lake!"

No wonder. Just wonderment.