Rain and a Certain Meloncholia

two years ago today
We can only surmise that it rains or is foggy every two years on this day.

A few years back I used this picture by Paul Cornoyer in one of my writings about NYC -

 "My dog, Chopper (a Boston Terrier), takes me for a walk about4pm most days, weather or no.  We have good conversations;  I do most of the talking but Chopper is always showing me things that I would miss because I was running my mouth.  Yesterday it was foggy and we talked about New York City years back, walking the streets at 3am or some hour that is only known to kids in college out for pizza.  We thought of Gershwin and his lullaby...

This piece is so New York in the 20s but not much later. It feels of the city and isn't intended to put anyone to sleep but be an ode of sorts to last call at Clancy's Bar or a cab ride after a rain - with streets glistening, puddles puddling, water mirroring and night people cleaning up for the dawn. We can see it in the music. Plain as day. 

We listened carefully as you can hear things in the fog....things you can't imagine.   Chopper likes the sound of strings - chamber music setting as well - but now he wants a fire, the smell of the wood smoke hanging amidst the fog....

Good dog.