Ma and Pa Kettle do math

I just love our politicians. Their observation is that we are taxed to death and the corporations - well - they would hire the world (which they are doing...just another part of it) if they didn't pay all that nasty tax money. I won't get into the fact that corporations pay "effectively" less than any other country on earth and the posted rate ISN'T the EFFECTIVE RATE.  The biggest lie is that 1/2 of all Americans don't pay any tax. Yup. Try taking home a check without tax withholding and all the other stuff. Then you have to get it back but it is still paid and the government gets it and holds it for a year. 

Now it is the "death tax".  It doesn't "punish" anyone except those too dumb to do estate
planning and it still doesn't hurt them because they just DIED.    If there was ever an advertisement for greed and stupidity it is worrying about this tax and making it a priority.  The threshold before taxes is high enough now as to exclude all but just about 1000 "problems" a year and that number is a result of insufficient estate planning.  With planning there would be NO NEED for anyone to pay any tax....but no.  Some people don't plan and they are the ones who pay the tax.  If you are too dumb to plan then your kids, falling from your tree, probably won't even notice.

Ma and Pa Kettle got it right.