I'm not much of a fan of anyone who attempts to game the system. 

It is like kicking your ball in the rough while one is playing golf. You can be in the woods behind a tree with a snake coiled around the golf ball and you damn well play it where it lies. Otherwise it isn't golf. It is a game called "what you can get away with when no one is looking". That is a different game.

There are more miscreants wandering around now who should get stomped on here and so be it.  They are playing a game with no rules or, if there were some, they didn't seem to apply.  We all know those people....the 80 mph in a school zone types....slowing down is for the small fry; the little people.

Perhaps the thing that pisses most of us off is their feeling of entitlement and empowerment....these Masters of the Universe have their own set of rules; none.  I don't like that. My friends don't like that.  

We have pitchforks and hoes, and peasants though we may be, we can still chase a monster through the forest. You know who you are.  

Look out.