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I don't think that these puddles of green, yellow and red do rain and lighting much justice - in fact, no justice at all.

Remembering back in the early 1980s when the Weather Channel first showed up on cable (1982 I think), I had a meeting with 3M Corporation in St. Paul.  It was winter is all I remember and I flew up from Tulsa on of all things Ozark Airlines with a stop in Kansas City. I plainly remember the short layover and watching the Weather Channel in the waiting area and MSP (their airport) was like -20 and snow.....I mentioned how fascinated I was about the gathering of all that data to my 3M guy who looked both amused and bored out of his mind at the same time.

One might say that I'm bemused by El Presidente Trump and his lack of appreciation for and
curiosity about science generally and the meteorological studies in particular.  For instance, yesterday I read a presentation dealing with the great hurricane of 1938 that hit here pretty much head on.  We had some warning and I mean "some" as the revised weather forecast was sent out less than 1 hour before our side of the storm saw winds of 188 mph.  The silly hurricane was moving north at 70 miles per hour which gave the coast of Connecticut about 10 minutes warning. The forecast did as best it could and they are not to be blamed. Since that time, seeing the need, a lot of money in radar, satellites, super tough hurricane hunter aircraft and oodles of expertise have gone into making us a little safer. Mr. Trump and his teams of birdbrains are hot on turning back the clock.

Anyway.  It is raining and thanks to science, I can see it coming.