The upcoming rock and a hard place

Today is the anniversary of the February 1917 revolution in Russia.  Obviously it is March but they were on a different calendar. 

I note this as the royal family, the Czar and Czarinna, were indeed caught in between a rock and a hard place.  In simple terms, Russia was fighting in WWI and things, particularly after Czar Nicholas arrived at the front in 1916, were going very badly.  The country was being bled dry by endless war.  While Nicholas was at the front, Alexandra was weak and ineffectual as the head of things, and as a German, wasn't exactly trusted. This is the time of Rasputin and too much intrigue for anything to be trusted.

That little sail through the times surrounding this day a 100 years ago is of course a cautionary tale. 
When folks gather to "change a government", they never know what it is going to be like after they make the move.  Certainly the rule under a Czar had run its course and Russia was ripe for change but in that "change period" came utter chaos, purges, riots and the civilians, caught in that rock and a hard place, got the worst of it.

I think now of Herr Trump, entirely cut from Czaarist cloth, presiding over a country of unrest.  The difference being here he (Trump) is the  chief architect of destruction.  It is his policies, acts, tweets and all the rest that are ungluing government as we know it, flushing the common folk into the street in leaderless protest

We have a government with a "winter palace" in Florida, governed by just a few with very little thought of the people.  We have a Czar and a Ministry.   Like Russia, a large minority were content and didn't want trouble.  Like Russia, a majority here are beyond pissed off.  Trump's minions make references to the Czar Trump's absolute power that are downright scary.  Bannon, the Rasputin character, wants the government to "go", just tear it all down, and there is the rub as he has Trump's ear.  He, Bannon, has no idea what the revolution in government will bring.  He is simply a high wire act; an astrologer without a working crystal ball, advising Czar Trump into action with no consideration of the consequences.

It isn't going to take too much more of this.  Some hot head may assume leadership and then what?  I have doubts that Czar Trump will know how to react when Bannon gets his wish.