the GOP is comin' for you

As Trump and the GOP prepare to deal away any semblance of responsibility, it would be good to remember the movie "It's a Wonderful Life"? Jimmy Stewart's small town S&L gets taken for some money and he suddenly is insolvent.  There is a run on the bank and he is in despair; ready to end it all. His miracle (improbably but a nice story) is a guardian angel and a local society of his friends who come to his rescue.

So now we have another Christmas story to savor.  A score-million people will loose their healthcare in the next years.  Some pundits and some in Congress think this is a good thing - kinda the "hang 'em it will teach them a lesson" type of thinking while, remarkably, more than a few have noted that Obamacare health benefits kept people from looking for a job. 

As we approached retirement a few years back, more and more of us had friends who worked simply to afford health insurance.  Now that we are retired and on Medicare, it STILL costs us about $1,000 a month.  Hmmmm.

When the GOP tosses out Obamacare, most of us unfortunates will get nothing from this change except a higher premium with no new money to pay for it. Some of the hoitie-toits will see their costs go up but our Uncle Donald will shoot them a nice fat check for, oh I don't know, 100 times their premiums, so that martini time won't dip into cheap gin.

Hey, you either get the vaccine or you get the flu.  Let me think. I'm a republican. I'll give you ALS.  You won't have to pay.  You'll be dead before the bill hits the mail.