A spelling fetish of the times - the 1830s times - was to mis-spell things on purpose - to abbreviate the mis-spellings very much in the style of text messaging now...OK comes from "all correct" spelling "OLL" "Korrect" and then abbreviated down. (kewl=cool).  Today is the day that OK came about; or so my "this day in history" email tells me.

Things are not very much OK right now Lots of wars, revolutions all over the place, the middle east is  in a heap of trouble, unrest on any number of fronts here and an economy that is only making a few percent of the public truly happy.

On of the Fed Reserve guys announced that since hamburger is $6.00/lb. and milk $5.00/gallon; no big deal as inflation was non-existent and that has kinda set me off this morning.  This fellow rakes in big bucks and drives around in a limo so I guess inflation hasn't really hit him yet...or not that he would notice.
 I write about OK this morning because things just aren't...maybe for Federal Reserve types and wall street types but for the ordinary "rural" Joe Schmo, things are very tough.  That fuel bills for this cold NE winter and food at insane costs, (neither are counted in the "inflation" calculator), well things are  Not OK as the locals say it. NOK...

NOK.  there you read it here first...but lets spell "not" with a "k" as in "KNOT OLL KORRECT"...got it you knotheads in Washington?