"Mine". "Mine". Mineminemineminemine......

This perfect picture ran on Facebook a while back. It isn't mine but it is appropos

There is a great scene in Finding Nemo where the gulls see Nemo flopping around on a pier and the scramble is on for an easy lunch; and that brings me to Mr. Trump.

In general terms he is picking on people...groups of people. Seniors, anyone who is poor and wants to eat, anyone who plays a musical instrument, sings, makes great stuff for public broadcasting, women generally, poor women in particular, old people, old sick people, poor sick people...well you get the idea.

Generally speaking, Mr. Trump looks to feed off these folks as they are easy pickings.  They don't have legions of lobbyists and lawyers. He looks at them and cries "mine" as in "I want what you got or I want you...either way you lose".  Instead of "the buck stops here", his desk motto is "I've got mine now you go scratch".

Our fearless leader, so utterly lost in his imagination, now appears to be sitting on a pier railing with his other hapless administrative gulls, surveying the sea for a free lunch. For a government for and by the people, we are now being separated into predator and prey.