Let them eat cake

No Big Mac for me tonight!
Our excellency, The Donald, and his minions are all about compassion.  Although study after study shows kids learn better if they aren't starving, his folks don't think so.

Now you kids run off to school and learn learn learn....don't let your tummy rumble.
He decided to start a war with Meals on Wheels.  "No money for you", said the soup Nazi.
Statistics show that 4 out of 5 single senior citizens eat 75%+ of their meals all alone.  Meals on Wheels not only delivers food but drops in on the seniors and/or supplies community meeting places where they can go and socialize.

His uncaring and unfeeling administration simply doesn't care. Food.  The one thing we have in surplus and that we subsidize beyond out the wazoo is food.  Food stamps, for instance, subsidize at the rate of about $5.80 a day. Mr. Trump's Big Mac, Fries and coke (supersized of course) eat up about 2 days worth of food stamps....but that is too much.

Everything is too much money when it comes to feeding the populace. No matter that food costs have doubled in the last 30 years and milk is food stamp money.  I suppose this picture will make The Donald squeal with delight.