I just figured Trump's tactics out.

I'm sure we have all see little film clips of "lightning chess", where the moves come at blistering speeds and games last but minutes. The one basic rule is that you take turns; white moves, then black moves, then white again, then black, etc..

Sometimes it doesn't look there is a rhyme or reason behind the minds; they are just rapid fire.  Perhaps the reason grand masters play "slow chess" is that they are aware that when they move a piece, the opponent runs through all the permutations to not only find a move but find the best move to counteract. To risk the ire of lightning chess affectionados, lightning chess isn't really chess in its purest sense, it is, instead intended to be so fast that it forces the opponent to make a blunder by not having time to think things through and pick the right decision from his options.  He who goes first usually wins.

President Trump has issued, on average 2 executive orders a day since walking in the door.  By the looks of it, these orders were typed out long ago and already for the blitzkrieg of signatures.  Most, like lightning chess, are haphazard and if this were normal chess, his opponent, the American People, would have time to look at it and say "what the hell??", try and figure it out, and then decide if it is good or bad.  But by the time they get one order and start to digest it, he issues another then another and another until the game becomes so fast and convoluted that we are still trying to figure out the first move when he is moving in for the kill on move number 9.

He ran his campaign that way; day after day, whopper lie after whopper lie until the pace and frenzy of his alternate set of facts just became so overwhelming that resistance was futile.

Now congress meets in the middle of the night, the twitter stream is early morning, a "news
conference" briefing comes to distract, the pundits race to the news cycle and, oh by the way, here are a couple more executive orders.  We the people are dazed and confused and don't know what he is doing. It is one lie after another in such jackboot step as to dazzle us into submission.  When called on his endless chicanery, the response is "hey that is what he promised to do"....you voted for him right?

But we have now, due to the blur and fog, forgotten that everything he said up to the point of the election was a lie or a pander so he is just making his lies come alive.

And he has a barrel of lies to choose from.