"Go" where you went before all of this started....

I absolutely don't get this.

Mr. Trump, via Mr. Sessions bullied up on DeVos and rescinded the guidelines that state, to paraphrase, you "go" in the bathroom of your birth.  When Mr. Obama was President he offered guidance that you "go" in the bathroom of your sex.

All this floats to the surface in regarding to "trans-gendered" persons; males who become females and vice versa. Where do they "go"?  Obviously the guidance makes a who lot of difference to them IF they had signs on their back that says "born male or born female" so we could sort them out. But we don't.  Frankly, it appears that transgendered citizens dress and act in accordance with their, in this case, chosen sexual orientation. See sign above.

I would think that someone who takes the step to change gender does so with a degree of seriousness. Further, it appears, and rightly so, to be a very personal decision; one that is absolutely NONE of ANYONE'S BUSINESS.  Government, that professes to want to stay out of everyone's business, is trying to regulate where you can pee.

I don't remember at anytime before all this stupidity anyone screaming about a transgendered person using the "wrong" restroom -- maybe in the Little Christian School of the Uptight Twits, but no where else.... but they wouldn't let in a LGTG person in to school in the first place.

Cut it out!  Let people pee where they are most comfortable peeing. Everyone was fine before people starting meddling.