Blazzing Saddles

A note from the Commander in Chief
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!  Grab your chance to be in on the ground floor of decision making.  This is Mara Largo calling and for a measly $250,000, 1 slim quarter of a million, you can be there when I decide the great huge humongous decisions that I alone can decide.

Be nearby and see me interact with groveling world leaders.
You just never know when we will hold an impromptu national security and join in!

My staff and one of my many x-wives and mistresses will be delight to cater to your every whim
........if of course you have the ka-ching in your pocket.

for a limited time, meet my latest wife
We are quite the dashing'll have an opportunity to gaze upon us now and then.

Join me in the deep rough as I struggle to find a direction to the "green" (if you catch my drift)

Time's limited.  Join now. I and this offer won't last long.