Well, I think I've just about had enough....

 This hit the airwaves or tweetstorms this morning.  It seems that human vacuum of misinformation picked up some crap from a fella named Gregg Phillips.  You can see the "in-depth" article here

Let me say at the onset that Phillips and his data collection methods are a complete pile of BS.  If you have had any experience in research and data collection you will know that this piss ant is a complete fraud.

And, speaking of Pinocchio, we now have a liar in chief who takes this utter nonsense and gives it credibility.   Along with repeating some goofball as if he said something to hang a hat on, he seems to be crazy stupid and will just repeat anything he reads, right or not. 

When he was building one of his really big buildings did he listen to astrologers instead of architects? soothsayers instead of engineers? Will this disaster launch the missiles if Drudge heard they were going to fire theirs? 

What I've had enough about is having a dufuss in the White House who appears to have no grasp of anything and no discerning mind to filter "incoming" messages.  He then isn't equipped with any brains or common sense to absorb and spew back out.  He lacks a translator so it is always garbage in and garbage out.  He totally lacks filters that are built into most of us.

Now we are stuck with this nitwit and his lies and distortions, pettiness and narcissism, not to mention pea-sized brain, for the foreseeable future.

God save us because Mr. Trump surely won't.