So who is the President

Mr. Trump
Judge Donald Trump by ‘what’s in his heart [not] what’s come out of his mouth.’  Kellyanne Conway, Trump adviser

So to me this demonstrates that we need a "translator" who knows Trump's "heart" [sic] so when he speaks about something in one of his well thought out, grammatically curious,sentences, a spokesperson will have to step up and say "Don't listen to him.  Listen to me!  I know what is in his heart".

I'm being serious now. Very.   Politicians often "clean up remarks" - happens to everyone; a slight mistake, an ill chosen word....that is understandable.   Ms. Conway takes this to an entirely different level.

We are talking now about some form of leadership, basic nuts and bolts presidential stuff, that shows up in words, spoken by the President, that directs action from the government he runs.  Ms. Conway is suggesting
that no matter what he says, some who knows what is "in his heart", has to step forward and give the directive.

For a brief and shinning moment, persons like Ms. Conway, his son in law, perhaps Baron Trump himself, will become President.   This is way past serious. We will be dependent on some astrologer who divines what is in the President's heart and translates this into words the astrologer understands was meant in his heart and off we go.  That leaves us with a Chief Executive whose words mean nothing as he doesn't say what he means. 

We then go on to the effect this has on the electorate.  Who did we elect?  Did we elect Ms. Conway or the Trump kids or whoever stands up in the Oval Office and says "hey, I know what's in his heart" and takes command. 

Either we have elected a competent mind who can do the "thoughts to words" thing or we have elected a President who occupies the office and the government and the nation are run by soothsayers/oracles/astrologers and others who read minds.