Pohjola's Daughter - Trivia You Might Not Know

My Sibelius kick continues.

The passage in the Kalevala that inspired this music  (Pohjola's Daughter, 1906)  by Jean Sibelius is from the 8th Runo, known in various English translations as "The Wound" or "Väinämöinen and the maiden of North Farm".

The tone poem depicts the "steadfast, old," white-bearded Väinämöinen who spots the beautiful "daughter of the North (Pohjola)", seated on a rainbow, weaving a cloth of gold while he is riding a sleigh through the dusky landscape. Väinämöinen asks her to join him, but she replies that she will only leave with a man who can perform a number of challenging tasks, such as tying an egg into invisible knots and, most notably, building a boat from fragments of her distaff. Väinämöinen attempts to fulfill these tasks through his own expertise in magic; in many of the tasks he succeeds but he is eventually thwarted by evil spirits when attempting to build the boat and injures himself with an axe. He gives up, abandons the tasks and continues on his journey alone.