Odessa Remembered

Odessa Opera Theater
1 Tchaikovsky St.
Be clear that Odessa, Ukraine is a gorgeous, cosmopolitan city.  I've stayed there a number of times, most often in the old British Admiralty House/now a hotel, walked streets that look like Vienna, Prague or Budapest, and enjoyed myself immensely.

Fellner of Fellner
 and Helmer
The Austrian architects Fellner and Helmer were responsible for the design and execution of the Opera House. It seems that is what these two did; opera or concert houses, from Odessa to most of 
Europe in the great revival of these places.

I was in Vienna shortly before and at their Festspiel and in Zurich at
Tonhall.  I didn't get it at that point - probably due to darkness and trying to find my way.  I should have when I got inside but didn't. You could hear everything. A musician's paradise.  The stage and the hall were one thing.

Not sure why I remembered that this morning. Possibly because I had a picture taken - one of those lobby souvenir types - that last night in Odessa and it was to be ready a few days later and I never picked it up.

Probably gone now anyway but I would like to go back although I won't.