Donald, Kellyanne and the Soup Nazi

These two are a fine kettle of fish.
He is, by every reasonable standard, a bald-faced liar. She is a soothsayer of sorts who reads his mind and tells us what he is thinking when he comes out with one of his curious sentences. She is a shill, a stooge,  I think of her as one of those 8-balls that you shake and up floats an answer; not to what you asked nor one that anyone suspects but yet an answer yet unasked..

Yesterday, Mr. Trump, the bald-faced liar, came out with a curious sentence that needed little and a lot of interpretation:

The takeaways are:

  • Intelligence agencies "allow" fake news into the public.
  • This is all about "me"
  • Is this Nazi Germany?

I will be the first to point out that Mr. Trump and his lackey have been knee deep in fake news for a year and a half. But that is only half the observation.  That "fake news" thing is a story out of whole cloth.
 The news isn't fake. It might or might not be right but it is there.  Fake news refers to news organizations or sources that, by themselves, manufacture and disperse this crap.  NO ONE who touched the story manufactured anything. Nada. Zip.

What Mr. Trump and his sidekick are bent out of shape about is that finally the orange guy got some sand kicked in his face and he can't control it.  The other part of the story is that he protests too much.

This blog noted yesterday that if you get in a soup line with the Russians and don't "pay up", someone will come to you for the money. It isn't personal.  You owe. You pay.   How they come to get the money runs the gamut of possibilities but suffice to say that if you are some important honcho who has potential to do something good or bad to their lives, they will go forage around for something to clunk you over the head with if you don't follow the rules. That something could be a collection "agency" for a monetary debt, a roll of film with you dancing with a lamp and wearing the lampshade; maybe even a kid selling apples and you stiff him.

Be assured that the more you "owe" the worse it gets and they don't see what the fuss is about fake news.