The Trump Cabinet Process

Trumps Cabinet
A few days ago, we watch Mr. Romney kiss The Donald's hand, break bread with him, call him a good guy at the same time Mr. Trump was looking at this "wanna-be" with the same smirk that Elmer Fudd show when shooting the rabbit. Trump played Romney like a cheap banjo.

As this gaggle of morons and "unqualifides" lined up for our 2017 Cabinet, the New Energy Secretary, that mad-man about town, Rick Perry appears to be the last clown out of the car. The Energy Secretary - if you boys and girls remember - has control of our nuclear infrastructure....bombs ladies and gentlemen, bombs.

We now have a new cabinet of sorts made up of people who have expressed interest in shutting down the agency they now lead, and/or have absolutely NO governmental experience and/or have never been elected to office.

Rick Perry has been elected to office.  That was from Texas.  Nuff said.