Holiday Blues?

Lots of people, me included, get pretty blue this time of year; a trait I inherited from my father.

I was 7 and "was loaned" my sisters record player.  Amid the stuff left behind when she went off to school was a music score to this piece and, happily, a recording.  I put it on the stack of records I played every night and when it came up on the night's playlist, I would reach for the score.  I learned how to read music, the clefs for transposing, and all kinds of stuff from listening and "following along".

It took a while for that new language to sink in and I got a little crazy with some of the piano parts but...I remember when I went to my mom about it at, I don't know, Christmas or something and showed her what I learned.  She said "that's nice but impossible". I was heartbroken because I really thought I had done a great thing and she went "ho-hum".

Just for the sheer novelty, I love chases memory and stuff away.