Well what did you think was gonna happen

If you grew up and went to movies in the 1950s.........

In the 1950s, most scary movies weren't the slasher genre. No Freddies.  No Jasons. Just big ants and spiders with the occasional 50 foot woman.  We were a mixture of the atom and nature; something that the 1940s taught us didn't mix except we had a government that used soldiers as experimental subjects, lining them out in the cold desert night to watch the 6am above ground atomic "test".

What we found out later was by the time the bells and whistles went off saying above ground testing wasn't a hot idea, the government and the defense infrastructure were knee deep in keeping the risks hush-hush.  More to the point, we became sadly aware that there were and apparently still are some pretty bad actors in government who still couch the truth to their own objectives.

We've outgrown the radiation stuff to some extent but there are some among our folks who don't mind going a bit radioactive and using their power to morph situations.  Seems everyone wants a bit of power here and there and for it to be of any consequence, it needs to be uncapped and spilled on the ground to "see what happens".

I was at a summer camp in northern Michigan when I was 12 and my mom, bless her heart, sent me a box of candy that, being a hoarder, I squirreled away under my pillow.  We went on a three day canoe trip and in that time, some small ant happened upon my treasure and told all his friends. On return, our cabin was awash in ants and I caught hell but not before I figured out that my box of candy was an atomic bomb that, if unleashed on Cabin 8, our arch enemies, would have dire consequences.  Now on to Mr. Comey.

Seems the head of the FBI got a whiff of the power of knowledge the other day and couldn't help himself from spilling it like plutonium all over the place.  And true to 1950s science fiction lore, up sprang big ants and spiders which he promptly invited in to Hillary's Cabin 8 to cause mayhem.
When the jig was up (a great phrase - mean's when the "dance (jig) was over"), Mr. Comey had to do something about the ants and spiders.  He announced Sunday that "hey! all clear.  No more ants no more spiders.  A-OK".

I've got two beefs with all this. First that this guy didn't have the brains to realize the ramifications of his actions. He just had this little bit of secret info that would give him the atom bomb for a short while and being a frail, vain, pompous SOB, he decided to unleash it.  Then, beef #2, he sniveled his way out by saying "all the ants and spiders are dead so its safe now", nothing new; move along folks, nothing to see.

I don't like it one bit that the folks we elect or hire to run this country, including those who want to run for office but wouldn't tell the truth if you set their feet afire, play games with us. We don't know what to believe, what is true or not, what is a dodge or not and most importantly who has control of stuff that makes giant ants or spiders.