One Turkey Day After Another

Some turkeys are arriving one day early.  I awake to the news that Nikki Haley, Gov. of South Carolina will likely find her way to the United Nations as our Ambassador.  Never mind that she has zero international experience.  I put that aside because I moved on down my news feed to find that good ol' Dr. Ben Carson will probably be running HUD.  Nevermind that last week he gave an interview and when asked about his failed run for president, he had no recall of it whatsoever.

Our would be commander in chief has laid a lot of cabinet eggs of late with more to come. My only guess is that he wants to take on the role of  Mr. Nice and let these brainless dolts take the fall for his policy...."hey I hired the best and the brightest so I'll follow their advice"....You watch.

The word for the day is MIASMA.  (LOOK IT UP).