There is always a piece of music you never heard

I've been reading about, listening to, performing, researching and contemplating music for 60+ years.  I just heard this for the first time...well actually it is playing on the MSU radio station right now. 
Why did I or they wait so long. Perhaps because it is an obscure piece by a lesser composer?

I had a passing run-in with Ropartz as I spent a doctoral year chasing down music by a close friend of his named Alberic Magnard. "In the early stages of World War I his friend and fellow composer Albéric Magnard was killed defending his house from German invaders. His house was destroyed, along with several musical manuscripts. Ropartz reconstituted from memory the orchestration of Magnard's opera Guercoeur, which had been lost in the fire" (wiki). 

I own a copy of Guercoeur that Ropartz drafted after that fire.  Small world.

Anyway, the piece in question is Croquis d'Ete by Guy Ropartz.....that is a link to the only recording I could find. If you just let it play, it runs through all three movements.

Thank you for listening.  You may resume your regular duties.