The Shipwrecked Impostor

The shipwrecked Chimpanzee had been clinging for a long time to a
slender spar, when a Dolphin came up and offered to carry him
ashore. This kind proposition was immediately accepted, and, as they
moved along, the Chimp commenced to tell the Fish many marvelous
tales, every one of them a bundle of falsehoods.

 "Well, well, you are indeed an educated chap," said the Dolphin in admiration. "My
schooling has been sadly neglected, as I went to sea when but a week
old." Just then they entered a large bay, and the Dolphin, referring
to it, said, "I suppose you know Herring Roads?" 

The chimp, taking this for the name of a fellow, and not wishing to appear ignorant,
replied: "Do I know Rhodes? Well, I should almost think so! He's an
old college chum of mine, and related to our family by-" This was
too much for the Dolphin, who immediately made a great leap, and
then diving quickly, left the impostor in the air for an instant
before he splashed back and disappeared.

"A liar deceives no one but himself."