Shine on Shine on Harvest Moon...up in the sky

The moon has been full and very bright the last nights.  It is the Harvest Moon which is the September full moon and the one that comes before the first day of fall. It's orbit rises far to the north so we up here get it full on.  The full moon after the first day of fall is the Hunter's Moon.

A friend posted on her FB page the other day about the Harvest Moon and I'm hoping she tells her oldest daughter about it and makes up some story or another so it sticks in her mind.  I wish that only because when she is a mom or grandmother, she will find it useful to know things about moons, seasons, full moons specially, and all things in the sky.

There may not be a good reason or any reason at all but no one can go out at 2am under the Harvest Moon and not dream a little.

Dreams are a good thing.

  • January: "Wolf Moon" (this is the name of December in Beard 1918)[14] also "Old Moon"
  • February: "Snow Moon", also "Hunger Moon"
  • March: "Worm Moon", "Crow Moon", "Sap Moon", "Lenten Moon"
  • April: "Seed Moon", "Pink Moon", "Sprouting Grass Moon", "Egg Moon" (c.f. "Goose-Egg" in Beard 1918), "Fish Moon"
  • May: "Milk Moon", "Flower Moon", "Corn Planting Moon"
  • June: "Mead Moon", "Strawberry Moon" (c.f. Beard 1918), "Rose Moon", "Thunder Moon"
  • July: "Hay Moon", "Buck Moon", "Thunder Moon"
  • August: "Corn Moon", "Sturgeon Moon", "Red Moon", "Green Corn Moon", "Grain Moon"
  • September: "Harvest Moon", "Full Corn Moon",
  • October: "Hunter's Moon", "Blood Moon"/"Sanguine Moon"
  • November: "Beaver Moon", "Frosty Moon"
  • December: "Oak Moon", "Cold Moon", "Long Nights Moon"