Politics through a dogs eyes

Our dog was watching the news and retired to the porch to re-group.
Like all of us, I know some smart people and some who were late to the brain line, and like our dog, we get pretty confused as to how people align politically.

I'm not going to make this a statement about who supports who in this presidential nightmare.  What I'm after here is what our dog observes.

You see, he (the dog) knows a fair amount of words.  Some studies indicate that a smart canine might understand as many as 200 words - about the same as an average high school student it would seem. Moreover, he (the dog) is acutely tuned into the tone of voice; the inflection so to speak.  He (the dog) knows when he goofed up, chased a deer, went after a squirrel (he has never caught anything) just by the tone of voice we use to reel him in.

He (the dog) likes CNN and MSNBC.  He doesn't like Fox - too much name association with wildlife I think.  He came across this fella  who was shouting something about "go make me an f..ng taco" at a Clinton supporter.  He (my dog) doesn't know much about tacos as they are off his diet but he (the dog) did know about shouting and anger but not to this degree.

He (the dog) told me about it over drinks while he was trying to re-group so I looked the fella up...this one....the one going into some sort of spasm.  His name is Zack Fisher from Mesa, Arizona. He (the dog) was bewildered. I told him (the dog) that some folks get a little crazy or in this case, a lot crazy....and there is the rub of what he (the dog) had to say.

He (the dog) told me that he liked living with us because there is only an occasional outburst of anger in the household and that, by choice, he (the dog) picked our house as that was where he would like to be associated.  He (the dog), when talking to other dogs, felt that the association was comfortable and left him with some pride of ownership.

I look at Zach through his (the dog's) eyes and I see what he means.   Aside from a vein popping anger, this fella appears to be a menace; unhinged. He is someone my dog wouldn't want to be near nor would he (my dog) ever trust or feel comfortable being around and of his (Zach's) friends - a guilt by association thing I guess.  He (the dog) asked me why anyone would like to be associated with him (Zach).

I mean who would want a fella like him (Zach) around as a friend and supporter? "He (Zach) is undersireable" were his last words on the subject. With that, he (my dog) took a sip of his Manhattan and we talked of other things.