1080 calories - half his daily intake ......?
Secretary Clinton has pneumonia. She got woozy the other day, legs buckled and the world, or part of it, went nuts.  She has promised to release her health records this week and we will see if that is all there is to it; pneumonia, some dehydration, some heat and a black suit of clothes.

A physician doing a TV interview didn't make light of it but instead urged some perspective. First and foremost, it isn't caused by being in bad health generally.  It's spread when someone comes in contact with droplets from the nose and throat of someone who has it. That commonly happens when the person with walking pneumonia sneezes.  It is NOT her fault nor is she weak or hiding some huge condition.  Someone coughed and she inhaled the germ. 

Speaking of inhaling something, I refer you to the picture above as Mr. Trump consumes a 1000 calories, much of it in sat fat laced with salt.  I will be the first to admit having an occasional Big Mac attack; most often in traffic when I'm frustrated and just think that some fat and salt will do the trick to pep me up.  

The slight point I'm aiming at here is that there are things that you can control that effect you, your health, your well being and there are things of which you have no control.

If Mr. Trump is elected, for the sake of the office, I hope he has some self control and limits those big macs.  That's a decision he can make as he reels himself in from what appears to be a life of excess.  His crack doctor might offer up some opinions on this.

On a slightly broader note, Secretary Clinton decided to "power through" her illness, something that was not a good decision but understandable as the fella in the picture with his 1000 calories of fat and salt would say she has poor judgement and is too frail to be president.  Now he is crowing, all 300 pounds of him.  On face, I can understand Secretary Clinton.  

I fail to understand Mr. Trump.