Noble and Sentimental Waltzs Ravel, 1911/12

These are really beautiful.  Ravel started what you could call a study of the waltz  just after 1910.  It is something of an old form that revitalized into what we think about it in Vienna in the 1780's.  In his thinking about it, he studied some of the older forms in preparation for his "big work" of 1912, "La Valse".  This work, the Noble and Sentimental Waltzs, could be considered as preparatory pieces; kinda getting in the mood type of thing. Happily, they stand on their own merit.

Schubert, the Viennese composer wrote a Noble Set and a Sentimental Set of waltzes about 80 years before Ravel and they and their form were his inspiration.  Ravel first composed these for piano and a year later scored them for orchestra...a change from black and white (piano keyboard) to ROY G BIV if you dream in colors (red, orange, yellow...yada yada).  Its pretty fine stuff. Enjoy.  Takes about 15 minutes. Feel free to roam around the room while you listen. (orchestra version first below followed by the original piano version for those who prefer)

The piano edition is published with a quotation of Henri de Régnier: "…le plaisir délicieux et toujours nouveau d'une occupation inutile" (the delicious and forever-new pleasure of a useless occupation).

  • Modéré – très franc
  • Assez lent – avec une expression intense
  • Modéré
  • Assez animé
  • Presque lent – dans un sentiment intime
  • Assez vif
  • Moins vif
  • Epilogue: lent