Wandering off without his leash

Le Donald was reined in over the past week as his new campaign whizbang, Kellyanne Conway, put a collar on him and lashed it to a teleprompter from which he read his speeches.  No more off the cuff stuff...just read what we write and don't unfocus.

I actually have a little problem with not letting Le Donald be Le Donald.  It isn't that I support him one bit.  I think him a fool.  What I don't approve of is someone else essentially writing his homework and telling him what to read.  Who is that "other person" and why are we being asked to vote for LeDonald when, in fact, we should be considering voting for the this Kellyanne who is preparing his "thoughts".

I fully understand a good script.  One spends a lot of time crafting messages that reflect the
situation, your views, opinions, impressions but that is refining what I am thinking, not telling me what I should be thinking and then putting it into sentences.  I'm just a carrier pigeon if that is the case; a delivery boy.  Pony Express.

Le Donald went off the leash this morning tweeting about "Morning Joe", the oft unwatchable mistake from 6-9am on MSNBC.  You see, Kellyanne wants him on script so that every blowup news cycle can be about Hillary's issues.  Instead, Le Donald decided to go nuts against Joe and Mika and play the "attack you personally" card.

I agree with him that Mika Brezinsky, the co-host, is a pompous twit and Joe is such a know it all as to make one's stomach flipflop. But the issue is:

1.  Why is Le Donald watching TV at 6 in the morning.
2.  Why is he watching a show he supposedly thinks is worthless.
3.  Why isn't he doing something to prepare himself to be president?  Reading a book
     on civics?  Learning the names of countries? Anything?

Good luck there Kellyanne.