The Company You Keep

Glenn Beck

"If no one knows anything about you, you are judged by the company you keep."

That is, of course, a gross overstatement but in it is a kernel of truth.  A while back, I did some work for the research centers involved with the Soviet Academy of Science.  It was fun, interesting, and I made some terrific friends.  Even in the darkest hours of the Reagan administration when things couldn't be an less friendly between us and them, American businesses could be coaxed to the table to talk partnerships, marketing agreements, etc., although it involved a lot of heavy lifting.

On occasion, however, with companies in the US that were a perfect fit, you couldn't get in the front door.  I had business cards that were English on one side, Russian on the other.  I flew to St. Louis to see a big deal surgical instrument manufacturer, had a ton of samples shipped from Moscow, and the fellow who I set up the meeting with was all good to go.  I arrived, went to reception, presented my card and said I was here for the 10am mtg. and the receptionist called security.  Hmmmm.  Two fellows arrived, showed me to the front door, told me to wait and then brought all the samples in grocery bags and was told never to show my "commie" blank blank blank face there again.

It stung a lot.  It was unfair.  I was not a "commie".  I sat on the US-USSR Trade and Economic Council, blah blah blah....but I was first, and foremost judged by the company I kept.

Why this?

"Mr. Trump's campaign hired Stephen Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart News LLC, will become the Republican campaign’s chief executive."  Mr. Bannon is known to be something of an errant pit bull, roughly translated as "bite off the leg if you need it or not".  Breitbart News is a hoax; one of those vile "Enquirer-type" organizations that wouldn't know truth if it bit it.