Feu d'artifice

More than a few bloggers write via the  "cut and paste" method.  Others rely on posting a provocative topic and wait for those disposed to comment in anger to find it; dropping cheese for the rats I call it.  A bit of the time, people write about what they know which explains why there are 60 million blogs with an average of 1 reader each.  One man's pill is another man's poison so to speak.

I've got a pretty peachy view of the ocean (bay actually) from where I write and it doesn't do me much good when the "muse" isn't coming in with the tide.  Ink well is, well, dried up at the moment.  Like the picture, where there isn't a boat in sight, the muse has flown the coup, hitching a ride on the outgoing tide.  I'll just wait around. Something is bound to show up. Sun is out at least.

A writer without an idea is a fish out of water.  Maybe some music will provide an inspiration. Otherwise, my grand daughters are due here this coming week so that will certainly spark it.