A fable for our political times

The twins - one was 100% truthful, the other lied every time.

(This joke was first told to me in Tulsa, OK at the University by the associate dean of the law school so don't shoot me).

In a small town in Indian territory there were twin brothers. They were famous as no matter how hard you tried, well, you couldn't tell them apart.

One of the brothers was as honest as the day is long. Never, ever told anything but the absolute truth. Simply an amazingly honest man.  His twin brother however, was a scoundrel. He was a drunkard, a womanizer, and above all else, a pathological liar. The truth wasn't in him.

Before they went off to college the town had a fellow carve their images - as they were so famous that they brought a lot of tourists to the town and this was actually something people might pay to see. Anyway after a few years no one heard anything from the brothers and the wood carver was done so they decided to have a little shindig to unvail the statutes. On that day two things happened. There was a letter that came in from the Tulsa law school telling one of the brothers that he passed the bar exam and he was good to go as in the practice of law. The second event was the wood carver died.

Well, said the mayor, one of these two is now a lawyer...the first one to every pass the exam that he knew of so he wanted that inscription, Esq., placed under the brother's image.  But which one was it? He thought and thought and called up the local medicine man and asked his advice.

"I can bring one of the brothers back to life  but only for a second and you can ask but 1 question..no more".  So the mayor said sure...sounds great.  The medicine man did his thing...and one of the brothers woke up...The mayor asked the fateful question,  "Are you the brother who went to law school?"  to which the brave replied "Yes. Of Course".