A fable for our time

I admit it.  I downloaded the app and figured it out enough to score a point or two and refresh my ammunition.  I lost interest but still, when I am in a new place, I open Pokeman up to see what's around.
I've found that catching rattatats is fun once but then....like all things "social", they come and they go (all except myspace?  ha).

Enter Twitter.   Seems Der Donald or Sir Donald as he might prefer was a fairly early adopter of the Tweet.....
So Donald has latched on to this social media communication almost from the getgo.  He is still at it.  In fact, it is his primary source of communication.

Most of us move on to new things. Most of us find better ways of communicating.  Can you imagine Herr Trump tweeting around the Oval Office? Picking up his phone at a G7 conference and letting fly with "Surrounded by idiots and fools. I'm right and they are wrong. That German frau is a goat".

Can't wait.