Tuscan White Bean Soup

6am brrrr

Cold with wind. Dark too.

In short, the weather stinks at present and is going downhill or supposed to. Homemade bread is rising so by noon I'll have a fresh loaf only the baker (me) will like but no matter. 

Big work day that will last until late afternoon and I won't want to cook so, the crockpot is ready for the ingredients.

Cook it all day on medium.  No leftovers.

White Chicken Chili should look something like this

1.25 lbsBoneless/skinless chicken breast, cut into cubes
2 cupsChicken broth
1(11 oz) Can white corn, drained 
2(15 oz) Cans Great Northern Beans, drained 
1/2 cupFat free sour cream (or plain lowfat Greek yogurt)
1Small white onion, chopped
1(4 oz) Can green chiles, chopped
1(14 oz) Can diced tomatoes.drained
1/2 tspGarlic powder
1 pktWhite Bean Chili Seasoning Mix 1(or 1-2 tbs chili seasoning)