Restaurant Fem Små Hus 35 years ago today

Fem Sma Hus
 There is a show on Food Network ingloriously title "The best meal I ever ate".  We were talking about that last night as my wife and I enjoy good food prepared well and have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed each other in some pretty nice spots.

What we determined was it was the physical "place" often as much as the food that stuck with us. Mostly it is that initial impression, not pretentious or overly dramatic, but straight up good will and happy to see you.

We decided that our favorite was about 35 years ago.  I was living in Stockholm and my soon to be wife visited me to meet some of my business associates and get a break from her kids, all of whom were at that angelic "If I get my hands on you I'll strangle you" stage.  One of our guests suggested we go to Fem Sma Hus as a special treat.  I called and they were backed up for a month. Oh well.

The next night we were in old town wandering and window shopping and came across the entrance.  My Swedish was horrible but in I went and said it all wrong but the translation came out "May my wife and I join you for dinner"?  No reservation? Not to worry...please come in.
I remember the room.....

Word of my poor Swedish spread through the staff as at every step we were assured it was wonderful that we joined them at the table type of thing. The meal was wonderful and all that but I can't remember exactly what we had as we just asked them to pick for us.  I do remember the vaulted room, the warm lighting, the feeling that we were eating at a neighbor's house and not wanting to leave.

I'll go back to my oatmeal.  I'm thankful I still have some memory of times past.