A passing thunderstorm woke me up from "resting my eyes" this afternoon and I flipped past the Weather Channel and up to 'Create' - the all PBS showcase...up up up...Discovery Science in HD loomed up and I learned that Neptune, the planet, wasn't peaceful at all but had winds of 1000mph swirling around it. Big mystery as to why as there is no sunlight much to warm things like it happens here. 

Growing up we had a boat motor called a "Neptune". It was all of 1.5hp. Ran like a clock.  It to be honest moved like a tortoise unlike  the god of the sea Neptune, move pretty quick according to the  movies of the 50s.  
There are bars and restaurants everywhere out here called or  themed with names like Neptune's Retreat, or Neptune's Lair and one boat out of ten is called Neptune's Folly or the Neptune's Bottomless Credit Card Pit.

I like the idea of a bluish planet out there a bazillion miles away with high winds and no explanation and a complete mystery.