Just piss me off, why don't 'cha

The President is on vacation.  Let's be honest here. Black persons are not supposed to take vacations. The right wing is aflame that with all that is going on, Mr. Obama is off on holiday.  How dare he?  I can just hear the "under your breath" comments of lazy N...g.

Make no mistake.  I was of the opinion early on that the GOP was just being political.  Everything he has proposed has been "dead on arrival".  Just the other day he spoke out and did what was totally within his power to beef up back ground checks for gun purchases.  His plan was to put little more than what you go through to buy a cell phone....but the screaming...the stupidity....the howl.  It is because a black man proposed it.  There is no other explanation....all things equal the simplest explanation is the best.

If you got nothing you argue with facts might be hard to track.  Its like saying your pile of pennies is bigger than any one's in the neighborhood....I mean how do you check that out. Well. Actually there are records.

So now it is the mess that is now Mr. Bush's folly.  The President is on vacation...which means a few hours a day away from work.  But the media screams (if you call Faux Noise media):


According to Factcheck.org and others who keep those records, Pres. Obama has taken 138 days of vacation in his six years in office. Pres. George W. Bush took 879 vacation days, the most in modern presidential history! Ronald Reagan took 335 vacation days. George H.W. Bush took more vacation days in his four years in office than Pres. Obama took in his first four years. 

So now we have selective outrage.  It is so becoming. Penny for your thoughts.