Food in the trough

The Earthquake Capital of the World
I'm always impressed by logic. I get mad when logic is run up the pole as a false flag.  Regularly I'd spend a minute and tell you about false flags but now I'm kinda mad so look it up yourself.

Our natural gas fracturing companies run up a lot of false flags.  A true flag is that it creates jobs. No denying that.  So now on to the false ones:  it's clean, it doesn't pollute, water doesn't catch fire coming out of the kitchen faucet, it doesn't smell, it doesn't destroy the landscape.  Now on to the whoppers.

It is a cheap source of energy.  I like that one.  Our electrical system just passed on a huge energy surcharge because the price of natural gas just went through the roof.  Wait wait how can that be?? Comes the answer that this is supply and demand; which means "we have plenty of supply so we are going to demand a higher price".

The last of course has to do with earthquakes...thousands of them  Last night, near East Bugtussle, Oklahmoa there was a 4.8 - a good jolt - at a depth of (wait for it....) a mile and a quarter in a heavily fracted zone at drilling depth. Earthquakes are an hourly occurrence in Oklahoma. HOURLY. 

The fracturing pigs have found the food in the trough so best not get between them and it.