Fleecing the Flock

The Mind of the
Village Idiot
By his own admission, The Donald got involved in "fleecing the flock" once upon a time.  Or did you forget? Did you forget The Donald got sued by the NY Attorney General for fraud???? Did you?

Seems The Donald set up a bogus (to a degree  gasp!) college and permitted folks to pay a pretty hefty tuition for which they got.....drum roll pls.....a fairly vapid return on investment.

They did get to have their pictures photo shopped standing next to The Donald and probably an autograph or, like I got the other day on Facebook "friends are full...have to fire some of you"...(Please God).

I knew some folks in Florida who were all about setting up a fake college.  The tax breaks and gravy train to the student loan trough were appealing.  The curriculum development office, however, was but a dream.

Tough sledding on this one for the Donald. See how often our wannabe President mentions this when the "We are going to make America Great Again" stuff comes floating out?

I guess I'll have to write some letters to the editors; you know - remind them that The Donald had some days as a huckster?